Why Managed WordPress Hosting Is Better Than cPanel Shared Hosting

cPanel shared hosting is considered to be the best option for those who are looking for hosting a website at the least cut off from the pocket. If you want to start your website within a low budget, the shared hosting might be the right choice for you. Managed WordPress hosting, on the other hand, is technically superior to the shared sharing in every aspect. It however costs more in comparison to the C-panel shared hosting.

Here are few reasons why managed WordPress hosting is considered to be a better alternative in comparison to the cPanel shared hosting:

Disadvantages Of C-Panel Shared Hosting

As evident from the name, the shared hosting indicated that a plethora of websites needs to be shared on a single server. Such server has a specific amount of memory. For instance, one article on a website goes viral owing to which there is a sudden rise in the traffic flow. This may reduce the speed of other websites present on this hosting. As all the resources are shared, the shared hosting happen be lesser dependable and slower in comparison to the managed WordPress hosting.

Advantages Of Choosing Managed WordPress hosting

Here are some reasons why managed WordPress hosting is considered to be a better alternative in comparison to the cPanel shared hosting. Take a look!


The configuration of Managed WordPress hosting is done specifically for the WordPress environment. The combination of the server level caching along with ideal configurations of MySQL, Apache and PHP are beneficial for boosting the performance of the website. With managed WordPress hosting, you can sure to encounter faster page load speed which indicated you will have a better user experience in addition to an improvement in the SEO score.

Automated Backups

The managed hosting plans are inclusive of automated backups of the total website on a daily basis. Shared hosting comes with the option for the creation of backups with the aid of cPanel. However, they are stored on the similar shared server. Thus, in case the server gets hacked, chances are that the backups are as vulnerable as the live website. Restoration of the backup from the cPanel shared hosting is not a walk in the park. On the other hand, you can get the backup of the managed hosting with the single click of a button.


Regardless of whatever hosting you are using, there are always chances that the website may be the victim of cyber criminals. However, the managed wordPress hosting are much secure and the odds of getting hacked are much lesser in comparison to the shared hosting. Shared hosting comes with the basic security protocols for scanning for different threats. However, they are not specific to the wordPress. Managed WordPress hosting have earned a high reputation for a more robust and secured infrastructure. Daily malware scans are included in most of the standard managed hosting plans. Most of the managed plans come with protocols for the prevention of threats like DDoS attacks.

Automated Updates

When you wish to run a secure and truly optimized wordPress website, updates are a prerequisite. It is essential to stay updated with plugins and themes which have familiarity to most of the WordPress users. You also need to ensure that the operating system which is running on the hosting server is updated. As you choose the managed WordPress hosting, you can be ensured that the version of the platform along with the servers, the plugins are updated. It ensures security, stability and optimal performance. In shared hosting, the settings of the server are not optimized catering to the required of the website.

Hassle Free Technical Support

In the managed WordPress hosting, the initial setup as well as installation of the website to the updates, troubleshooting are easy. You can avail full time tech support in such wordPress hosting. In case anything goes wrong, you can get access to the tech support along with the knowledge in WordPress for resolving different issues in no time.

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