The History Of Domain Registration

URLs or uniform resource locator contributes to being a reference to the web source which helps in specifying the location on the network of a computer along with the mechanism to retrieve it. Though content is believed to be the king, the URLs are considered to be the infrastructure of this kingdom. You can even understand what the page is all about by having a look at the URL. URLs are essentially an arcane option for the user in order to identify the website on the Web. In thiis article, you will be able to know about the history of URLs, how to register a domain and most common domains registered.

History of URLs

In the year of 1969, the internet was used as the system of computers that are connected with the use of computer network. Chat, files and mail moved over the specific network prior to the creation of the web browser, HTML, and HTTP. It was in 1992 when Tim Berners Lee came up with the three things which are considered to be an integral part of the internet in these days. Those three things are referred to as HTML, HTTP Protocol and URL. His ultimate aim was bringing Hypertext into life. Hypertext refers to the capability of creating documents, linking to each other. During the time of TBL, such documents were known to be hosted in a wide assortment of formats and accessed via protocols such as FTP and Gopher. He was looking for a consistent option for the reference of the file that encoded the protocol, the hosting on the internet and its existence on the specific host.

During the WWW presentation in the year of 1992, TBL referred to it as UDI or Universal Document Identifier. During the time, the URL was described as the abbreviated way to refer to the combination of path, credentials, port, domain, and scheme. In 1994, it was first defined officially in REC. Owing to the system, it was possible to give reference to various systems within the Hypertext. During 1996, all browsers used to insert www. and http:// for the users.

How To Register A Domain

If you are planning to develop a website, you need to know How to register a domain. Some of the most common domains registered come with the extensions, .net, .org.

If you are wondering how to register a domain, you can think of some good domain names. You need to ensure that the domain is available. You will require a PayPal account or credit card for the payment of the domain. It is necessary for getting the domain in no time.

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